Have a Droid X and want to port your screen over to your 50 inch HDTV with an HDMI cord? Well there is an app called Real HDMI that will allow you to do so. The quality appears to be really good for watching video on your TV. The application is in the Marketplace for is $1.99, and has some limitations, but it is a new app we so will allow room for improvements. If you want to download it, navigate on over with your Android phone and tap on this download link here.

In other Droid X news, Motorola can not be happy with all the Droid X hacking that is going on, but they should have been prepared for that when they started making Android handsets. If you are interested in finding out how to get the recently released Birdman ROM running on your Droid X, head on over to DroidLife and get to hacking away.

[via DroidXForums and via DroidLife]