Well, we still don’t have a press release, or any other kind of “official” means to say that the Droid X actually exists, but that’s not stopping Verizon Wireless from opening up its webpage. Yeah, that’s right: you can go look at the Droid X, on Verizon Wireless’ website, right now. There’s not much there right now, as it’s just a quick glimpse as to what’s to come, but we do get a confirmation of the specifications:

We are indeed getting a 4.3-inch display with the Droid X. It does indeed feature an HDMI-out port. And, according to Verizon Wireless anyway, the screen itself is 720p. We’re not so sure about that last bit, but if it does come true, and the screen itself is a high-definition display, well, paint us pretty excited. Stay with us on June 23rd as we go live, at http://live.slashgear.com, as we bring you the official announcement.

[Update]: Well, that didn’t take long at all. Looks like Verizon managed to listen to the entire tech market’s questions about that “720p screen,” because they’ve made it a little different. If you go to the site now, which you can find right here, you’ll notice that “720p screen” has been changed to “captures 720p.” That makes a lot more sense.

[via LaptopMemo; thanks Stef!]


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