It’s only been on the market a short while, but already the Droid X has made quite a few headlines. And not for all good reasons, either. Coming off the heels of those screen mishaps, we’re hearing that Verizon’s taking a long look at the Droid X, and the fact that users are using upwards of five times more data than other customers using other devices. Verizon’s business development executive director implied that the DROID X users are quite fond of using excessive data. It would probably be rough for folks not to use data, especially with that 4.3-inch screen display and apps like BlockBuster and YouTube pre-loaded onto your device.

Verizon has mentioned that tiered data pricing makes sense, but they’ve only ever said that in relation to their next-step in data: 4G/LTE. Right now, even if people are craving the Droid X and its data-consuming potential, we don’t think they’re going to change things around after the fact. But, those rumors are still kicking, so we’ll stay on top of it.

[via androidguys]