Not all manufacturer pack-in programs are bad – in fact, Motorola’s Smart Actions from the DROID RAZR and DROID RAZR MAXX are downright handy if you’re looking to maximize your phone’s longevity. Unfortunately, those two phones (and their international counterparts) are the only ones that get the privilege. But with some modding and a little elbow grease, Twitter user Dan Davis managed to modify the app so that it runs on the DROID Bionic as well.

It makes sense: the Bionic came out only a little before the RAZR, and despite its chunkier profile it uses a lot of the same hardware and the same version of Android. Davis says that it’s only been tested on an official build of the Bionic’s software, so the modified Smart Actions app may require some of Motorola’s software infrastructure to work properly. On the plus side, it looks like it doesn’t need root. Just download the app from this shortlink and install it from your SD card, just like any other non-Market app.

Smart Actions is a lot like an official version of the popular battery saver apps available on the Google Play Store. In its default state it turns off a few power-draining basics like WiFi, screen brightness and auto-syncing when the battery hits a certain percentage. But it’s a surprisingly customizable piece of software: you can set up rules based on time usage, location and connection as to which services get shut down and when. If you’re still running a stock DROID Bionic (and thanks to Motorola’s locked bootloader that’s a definite possibility) give it a try.

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[via DroidMatters]