For all those that love tweaking, hacking and messing with Android things like one-click-root and root tools are becoming extremely popular. Today we have a brand new root tool for the DROID RAZR that will make everyone’s life much easier — so long you know what you’re doing. More details and download links after the break.

This new tool was designed for Windows but appears to also have a working version for those on Linux and will basically allow you to do anything and everything you’d like to the RAZR with ease. From rooting, unrooting, booting to recovery or bootstrap and more. Thanks to the awesome developers at XDA you can learn more and get the root tool by clicking here.

Just like the image above says: “too powerful to fall into the wrong hands”. This goes for both the phone, and the new utility tool released. This program makes things easy but you can also cause some problems with the tap of a button so make sure you know what you’re doing and read up on instructions before giving anything a try. One of the better parts of the tool is the OTA RootKeeper. Install that and just back up root before an OTA update, then restore after completion and you’ll still have root. It works like a charm. Use with caution and enjoy it. One more time here is that link

XDA RAZR Root Tool Link

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[via Droid-Life]