Independent developers are hard at work on Ice Cream Sandwich for everything from the Nexus One to the HTC Rezound. But after the hue and cry surrounding the DROID RAZR‘s factory-locked bootloader, I thought that Verizon customers would have to wait for an official update before they could taste some sweet Ice Cream Sandwich. At least one dev, “DroidTh3ory“, has stepped outside the walled garden and installed a bootable version of Android 4.0 on the DROID RAZR, by way of a dual-boot hack.

The ROM is in the early development stage, and it’s likely to take a very long time to get to “daily driver” status. The team members are working around locked hardware, which could significantly impact both the quality and the timeliness of the ROM. Plenty of Android enthusiasts will surely try it out when a downloadable version is posted, but you might be wise to wait until the official upgrade, if only so developers an start building custom ROMs with a native RAZR kernel.

Check out his progress below:

Current issues include a largely inaccurate touchscreen, noticeable slowdown and some animation hiccups. The capacitive navigation buttons are working fine, and ICS is aware enough to disable the virtual navigation buttons that can be seen on the Galaxy Nexus. DroidTh3ory plans to release a full list of what works and what doesn’t later, but there’s no word on when a flashable download will be available, if at all.

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[via The Inquirer]