Droid Protector

Ever wished for a lock app feature on your Android smartphone? This is something a lot of smartphone owners want to have on their devices—for their apps to be locked to prevent prying eyes and snoops. You know how easy it is to check a particular app when borrowing a phone. Simply tap on the app icon and you’ll be able to see one’s private e-mails, photos, or access his Facebook, mail, or any other social networks.

With the Droid Protector Lock App, your favorite apps can be locked. This means your children or anyone who would like to snoop on your data won’t be able to access a particular app. Photos and videos can also be locked and made inaccessible. The Android device is also provided two new password modes: Classic Lock & Calculator Lock and Pattern Lock.

The Droid Protector  makes the phone more secure by allowing the user to show a fake cover instead. With this app, no one would be able to access your Line, Viber, Instagram, SnapChat, Facebook, Whatsapp, SMS, Gmail, Evernote, or any other similar apps that people are most likely to check out and hack. No need to worry about someone knowing your secrets and ideas and seeing photos you don’t want other to see as this app has got your apps locked. Phone privacy and dignity protected at all times with this lock app? Check.

Droid Protector app can also hide app icons so anyone who borrows your phone won’t see the apps you don’t want them to access. This means phone is more secure and safe from all inquisitive eyes.

There are other similar apps but this one is available for free download from the Google Play Store.


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