When you see the word “droid” you probably immediately think of robot-like creatures. But this time around, this new product from stylus manufacturer Adonit is actually an accessory that you can use for your Android smartphone or tablet. Droid is the first micro precision disc stylus and the first of its kind that is created specifically for Android devices. You will be able to use your mobile device in a more productive way for work and for your other projects.

The Droid is 32% smaller than most precision disc styluses making it more convenient to carry around with you as you use it to write your notes, reminders, and documents or draw and sketch on your smartphone or tablet. It has a 7mm diameter and weighs just 13 grams and comes with a carrying clip so you can attach it to bags or even your clothes. It features a 4.75mm non-removable micro-size disc that lets you write easily and exactly where it is placed on a touchscreen device.

You don’t need to pair it with your device and it doesn’t have any batteries with it. You just start using it by touching its tip to the screen and start writing or drawing. Because it has micro precision, you get “exceptional control and precision” when you use it for your meeting, lectures, creating new designs and caricatures, etc. You can also use it on apps like Powerpoint, OneNote, Autodesk Sketch Book, etc.

The Adonit Droid is compatible with various Android brands like Samsung, LG, Huawei, HTC, Sony, and ASUS. It’s available in Black, Silver, and Midnight Blue and will cost $24.99 from Amazon and the Adonit website. It’s currently available in the UK, but no news yet when in other territories.

SOURCE: Adonit