Were you able to get your hands on a Droid Incredible? We sure hope so, because one of Verizon’s best handsets is about to get better, if a ninja is speaking the truth. According to this particular ninja, it looks like the Incredible might actually be the first in line to get the Android 2.2 update.

Well, perhaps tied, if the original Motorola Droid is still scheduled to get its own update by the end of July. In any event, the ninja suggests that the update will arrive on all Droid Incredible handsets (in the wild, at least), at the end of July, or by early August. So, what’s it include?

Obviously, you get some of that Froyo goodness. You also get WiFi 802.11/n support, 3G Mobile Hotspot (which you’ll probably have to pay for), HTC Widget for Email and News, EAS updates, 720p video recording, Amazon MP3 access, Skype, and My Verizon applications.

Basically, everything you’ve been waiting for, and more. So, start counting down the days, folks — the end of July is just right around the corner.