Ever wanted to take your Xbox LIVE experience somewhere other than your living room? How about a bridge? If that’s you, then this video’s going to make your day. Even if you’ve never wanted to play your Xbox 360 from a bridge, fully connected to friends and strangers alike online, this is a pretty awesome set-up. It’s great what you can do if you’ve got the ingenuity — and time.

For their project, the 100% Mobile Xbox LIVE Project, they needed a few things: a Droid Incredible by HTC, a portable shelf holding a TV, Xbox 360, a battery back-up unit, and a huge footbridge that spans the Missouri river. Get all those things together, and you’ve got the ability to tether your Droid Incredible to your Xbox 360, and get in on the goodness that is Xbox LIVE. The video is pretty exhaustive, so if you’re interested to see how they did it, whether you’re going to try it yourself or not, check it out below. It’s definitely a great way to kill some time on your Friday.


[via YouTube; thanks Dave!]