We recently shared some information regarding an upcoming update that was in the testing phase for the Motorola DROID Bionic but today we can happy tell all you Bionic owners that the update is ready and rolling out now. Officially being pushed to the Verizon support page we have all the details and a full change log below.

The update should be hitting devices any time now and you can start by checking for updates right on your device as usual by going into settings > about phone > and checking for updates. The update is about 57 MB in size and should only take a few minutes. The update isn’t anything major like the last one, or bring Ice Cream Sandwich but the change log does give us a few good ideas of what to expect.

Looking at the details below we see tons of changes and improvements to stability — something Bionic owners have been plagued with. They’ve also updated battery life, audio and video while streaming over HDMI, fixed some in-call audio interruptions and more. Then they specifically mention not only phone stability, but data stability too. I know from first hand experience the Bionic seems to drop data and for longer periods of time than most of my Verizon 4G LTE devices laying around.

As usual a few Verizon apps and bloatware have been added or updates, but that is to be expected. The update is rolling out in stages and should be landing soon. Check out the change log image below for all the details, and be sure to let us know once you get the update how everything goes. I’m interested in those data connection improvements. If you are rooted and are worried about loosing it give OTA RootKepper a try.

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