We have good news to confirm this afternoon for all you DROID Bionic owners. After Verizon posted update support details and documents earlier this week we can happily report an over the air update is rolling out for the BIONIC as we speak. The update is rather small but fixes one critical flaw multiple users have been complaining about. More details and download links available below.

The update will bring your Bionic’s to build number 5.9.905 and should be about 43 MB size and only take but a minute to download and install. Sadly this is still not Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, as that will be coming later. What this does do however, is it should significantly fix those 4G LTE drops users have. This will improve signal, and as such, increase battery life too. Here’s the changelog and screenshot

According to the dudes over at Droid-Life the update is actually rolling out this morning as we speak for Motorola DROID Bionic owners. You should receive the update notification soon or as usual can manually head to settings and check for updates to pull it down and install yourself. Hit the source link for the download files. Oh and one more thing, volume should be better suited for Bluetooth users and not blow your eardrum anymore. Get the update and let us know if 4G LTE and data connectivity has improved by dropping us a comment.

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  1. Where the hell is this damn update. I am about ready to dismantle this POS with a hammer and send it back to Verizon. F’ing 4G my ass. Fix it already!!!! Otherwise, love the phone.

  2. Turn off my phone for about an hour did manual update and download new software.. facebook does not stall at 4g speeds….

  3. I was thinking ice cream sandwich was coming out but no they decided we are just going to attempt to fix the problem :/

  4. Used to have about 95% data connectivity until update, now I’m lucky to get 10. I’m only able to post here because of wifi, otherwise I get connectivity errors with 3 bars of 4G way to go Moto Dev! Other users report the same; how do you miss something this obvious in beta?


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