Motorola recently updated what’s going to be included in their 2.1 update. Some of the highlights are listed after the break.

• Voice recognition for virtual keyboard. Anywhere you can type, you can dictate. Swipe your finger across the keyboard (or press the microphone button) to activate. Same as on the Nexus One.
• Virtual (on-screen) keyboard enhancements.
• 3D Gallery: Should be the same as the new gallery that’s on the Nexus One, and that’s been ported to the Droid.
• Pinch to zoom: Already on board for Google Maps, now you’ll have it in the browser and gallery.
• News and weather widget/app. That’s the widget from the Nexus One that we get questions about in our videos.
• Previously published Google Maps 4.0 improvements.
• Enhanced Music application. New tabs at the top for easier access an navigation to artists, songs, albums and playlists.
• Google Goggles: Now built into Android 2.1. No separate downloads.
• Fixes the security lock bypass.

• Yahoo e-mail now has setup optimization.
• Battery life improved.

[via androidcentral, motorola]