Man, it’s starting to turn into a seriously frustrating wait for those who want a Motorola DROID 4. Since a large number of original DROID owners are past their two-year contract term with Verizon, there’s a decent amount of pent-up demand for a current generation QWERTY successor. Verizon apparently had a handful of dates ready before postponing the phone, possibly as late as February 2nd. At least one of them is probably the reason that you can spot a DROID 4 on Best Buy’s Rewards Zone site right now.

These sort of slip-ups have become common from Best Buy, but then, unexplained delays from Verizon are nothing new, either. One date that seemed likely from multiple sources was December 8th, just a week before the Galaxy Nexus launch. And given Verizon’s surprising turnaround for the first Android 4.0 device, they may want to give the DROID 4 a little space to breathe in the release schedule. In any case, there’s no indication that the phone itself is coming any time soon. An unveiling at either CES early next year seems likely.

There is at least one nice thing about the delay: we’ve go the specs of the phone pretty much nailed down. A 4.0-inch QHD LCD screen is front and center on a DROID RAZR-style tapered body, with a 1.2Ghz processor and 1GB of RAM providing the number-crunching power. Gingerbread is the order of the day, a fact that may become increasingly annoying the longer it takes Verizon to push this one out. A large 1785mAh battery will help the LTE radio to last, while Motorola’s ubiquitous 8MP camera rounds out the package. Who’s ready for the 4th-generation DROID to hit stores?

[via Droid Life]