The Droid 2 World Edition, or Global, is the first phone of the Verizon DROID series to be able to be used outside of the US. Making it a perfect traveling business companion the Droid 2 World Edition features internals capable of global roaming. However, as of now it looks like these new internals are the only feature it has that it’s predecessor, the Droid 2, lacks.

The device has a 3.7-inch screen, and not the slightly larger 4-inch that we had hoped. The white on silver offers up a completely different look than the Droid 2 gun metal tone and the contrast really makes the device look great.

Current rumors point to the Droid 2 World Edition to be outing the original device, making it the only Droid 2 on Verizon’s lineup. This makes sense not only business wise but also from a manufacturing perspective, why not just make one phone rather than 2 when they are so similar? Hopefully, this phone will keep it’s $199.99 price-tag, early adopters of the Droid 2 may not like this all too much.

[Via DroidLife]


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