Driving and texting is very dangerous and anyone that has done it knows that only a small part of your attention is on the road when you are trying to text or read a text. The DriveReply app for Android is getting a new update to add new features making it more useful to drivers. The new version is 2.1.

DriveReply claims to have been the first driver safety app and it lets callers and texters know that the driver is not able to talk. The app automatically triggers when it senses speeds of 10-15mph and will reply to incoming calls and texts with your own message. Among the new features are an Accident Recording function and Where Am I feature.

You can set ringtones for five different callers and you capture people on a no reply list if you don’t want to send them a message. The accident recorded will save the time, date, and GPS location of an accident and allows the driver to take pictures and more. The Where Am I feature helps the person find their exact address when available. It also has a new pop up window that will show the user how many calls they missed.