Android Auto is slowly being integrated in the latest vehicles today. It has Apple’s CarPlay as direct rival and we’re interested to know how the automotive industry will support each platform. We know Android Auto will be available in new cars, most of which are 2016 models. And since not everyone can buy a new car, we’re looking for alternatives to these digital dashboard systems and one app that fits the bill is Drivemode.

Drivemode is an award-winning driving app that features an easy and “no look” interface that lets the driver focus on the road. The phone is turned into a simple dashboard control system that lets you navigate, access music, make calls, send and receive tests, look for directions, and even be reminded of your schedule. Since it’s just an app, it works on any type of car you’re driving. Just place the smartphone on a car mount and you’re ready to take advantage of Drivemode.

The app also works with other driving-related and navigation apps like Waze and Google Maps. Want to listen to music? Drivemode also works with Google Music Play and Spotify. With a few swipes and taps, you can make calls, change your destination, skip to the next song. The app’s interface is simple and intuitive that you can use it even when not looking or blindfolded, thus, the “no look” description.

Drivemode is the Grand Winner of Android Application Award 2014 so you know this one is really good and very useful.

Download Drivemode – Driving Interface from the Google Play Store