Car-racing games are already fun (if you’re into that sort of thing) but what if you added other elements to make it even more intense and give you higher stakes? And what if those elements are hordes of zombies who are just absolutely craving for your brains? Then what you have is the sequel to the game Earn To Die, which is appropriately titled Earn To Die 2. Are you ready to try and survive the zombie apocalypse with just your vehicle as a weapon?

Your only objective in this game is to get to the other side of the country where an evacuation ship is waiting for you. The only problem is you have teeming masses of zombies, all determined to stop your car from moving, and of course, to partake of the feast that is your brains. So you need to plow through them in order to escape. Easy peasy right? The new game has a new story mode, which is apparently five times longer than the original game. And if the previous game had a desert setting, things are a bit more complicated now with its multi-tiered city setting. You’ll have to drive through highway overpasses, underground tunnels, zombie-filled factories, etc.

And of course, you need various kinds of vehicles to do so. There are now 10 different kinds of vehicles, including a sports car, fire truck, an ice-cream van (!) and more, which you can unlock and upgrade to. These cars also have upgradeable features like armored frames, roof-mounted guns, etc. However, the problem now is that all these vehicles are destructible, so you better be careful.

Earn To Die 2 is available on the Google Play Store for free. But of course, it has 3rd party advertising and in-app purchases as well.