Drippler originally launched for Android back in May 2012 and it looks like the team is currently celebrating a new milestone — they have served up more than 200 million drips, which includes a mix of tips, features, updates, apps and accessory discoveries. Perhaps more important for fans of the service, Drippler has launched v2.0 of the app and it brings a new design along with proper support for tablets.

The folks at Drippler have said this update comes following the massive growth of Android tablet sales. Basically, it seems they would have been cutting off quite a large potential user base had they remained without tablet support. Aside from the tablet support, this update also touts improved personalization, drip categories, search, favorites and more.

Simply put, this latest update is a nice improvement over the earlier version of the app. Not only is there additional device support and a new look and feel — but there were the new features such as search added. For those who may not have used Dripper in the past, this is an app that provides you with bits of information regarding Android. There is a nice mix of information available, but perhaps more important is how quick and easy to set up for the first time.

Plus, aside from the quick initial setup, the app is also easy to use. Launching the app takes you to the My Drips section, which serves up all the content. This is a single stream where you can just scroll down. Tapping on a story will open the more detail and from here you can also scroll left and right for more content. You can also filter the content down by News & Tips, Apps and Games.

That said, the latest version of Drippler can be found in the Google Play Store.

SOURCE: Drippler Blog