As if Candy Crush Saga wasn’t already notorious for killing not only your free time but also your productivity, game developer King practically wants you to play those levels all over again. But don’t worry too much about being repetitive because this Dreamworld expansion puts a slightly new twist to the game.

Dreamworld sounds like the makings of another world and it actually is. In this expansion, players get access to 65 Dreamworld levels that take place in an alternate world parallel to Saga’s delightfully colored world. In fact, you will be playing again through some earlier Saga levels. This time, however, the world is more subdued, more ephemeral and more challenging.

The basic gameplay mechanics of crushing candies remain the same, but Dreamworld adds a new layer of complexity by introducing a new mission and a new character. Enter Odus the Owl, your guide and goal in Dreamworld. Players must race to keep the owl perched atop his moon by eliminating the correct kinds of candies. But with new challenges also come new powers and new special effects that help players survive their ordeals, like the Moon Struck reward that comes with some fancy animation.

Dreamworld is a free expansion to Candy World Saga so old players need not do anything to get the new levels. However, the doors to Dreamworld will only open up to player both old and new after completing level 50 in the original Candy Crush Saga map.

Download: Candy Crush Saga on Google Play Store