Disney has recently announced a partnership with JAKKS Pacific that may soon bring virtual life to some of your toys. The virtual life would be limited to specially equipped toys and be done in conjunction with the “DreamPlay” app. And yes, there is talk of the app coming to Android devices.

Disney is licensing use of its characters to DreamPlay and while the concept here has yet to be proven, it will allow children to see some of their Disney toys come to life. Well, virtually anyway. The concept is this, take a DreamPlay capable Disney toy and point your smartphone or tablet camera at it and watch it come to life.

Some of the use case examples include Sebastian from the “Little Mermaid” movie playing a real-life set of bongo drums. The way it would work is you point your camera at the drums and then Sebastian will come on the screen and begin playing. Another example includes a new and unboxed toy. In this case, pointing your camera toward an unopened Tinker Bell toy and the screen would show the doll leave the box and begin to soar around.

Of course, the key here is whether or not kids are going to want to watch their toy open up and dance around virtually, or if they would rather open the box themselves and actually play. Simply put, this may be a bit of a novelty. Neat, but novelty. That being said, the DreamPlay capable toys will end up being priced a “couple of dollars” more as compared to non-DreamPlay capable toys and they are expected to come available in the US by way of Target and Toys R Us.

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