There is this amazingly simple yet addicting game called Draw Something. Heard of it? Being a huge sensation and already downloaded over 10 million times on Android, and 50 million in total I have a feeling you have. Today they’ve pushed a large update bringing some improvements and features users have been begging for. Check below for full details on the awesome new update and get ready to draw.

First off and one of the most requested features was comments. Just like Words with Friends you can now post comments and chat with players while you draw. Laugh about how terrible your drawing skills are, just don’t give any hints. Then OMGPOP included a one-click undo last move button, so you can easily erase an entire stroke or line, without trying to be precise with the eraser.

That isn’t all either. We now have pull to refresh where you simply slide down just like Facebook, Twitter and other apps to instantly refresh the game, and they’ve also included push notifications. This way you’ll know it’s your turn instantly — not just when you launch the game. Sadly it isn’t all good news though. Obviously the free version has some sort of ads included, but after this update I’ve been greeted with long, 10 second video ads for Verizon and other things since updating. That is a bummer but then again that’s why we have a paid version too.

The new changes are awesome and you can enjoy them right now by hitting the download link below.

Draw Something Link