Let’s play a new game. Well, this isn’t available yet but once ‘Dragalia Lost’ is available in the Play Store, we want to download and try the new role-playing game. The RPG title is a Nintendo original mobile game that is coming soon to Android. We’re dealing with dragons and warriors here. There’s a lot of magic going on but we know you may not notice some of them because this is one fast-paced action RPG. We’re guessing Nintendo will once again set a new record with the awesome fantasy graphics, exciting gameplay, and interesting story quests.

Dragalia Lost offerings something new and old. The familiar role-playing game can be enjoyed. It offers something new as you can customize a party and go on a new journey. The goal is to save the Kingdom of Alberia from those mysterious evil forces.

Your own party of adventurers needs a leader. Control them as you fight a battle. If necessary, you can transform them into dragons that can unleash attacks.

Dragalia Lost will let you play how you want it to be played. It can get confusing at first but you will soon learn new skills, upgrade abilities, and customize equipment you may need.

Download Dragalia Lost from the Google Play Store (Still unavailable)