The next release of Froyo for the Motorola Droid X has been leaked to the internet with instructions to download to your rooted device. The download is relatively easy and documented with step by step instructions thanks to the forum users Andrew, CellZealot, and P3Droid over at MyDroidWorld who made this leak possible.

The instructions to download this leaked OTA upgrade are as follows:


Note: This is not a Custom ROM or a port and will upgrade only your system.

To install the New 2.3.12 update:

  1. Restart your phone via Koush bootstrap into Recovery Mode
  2. Wipe data as well as your cache
  3. Select mounts and storage
  4. If it fails to install the first time — Select format system
  5. Select mount system
  6. Back out by pressing Power button
  7. Select install zip from SD card
  8. Select choose zip from SD card
  9. Find and select this zip file
  10. First boot of your device may take up to 5 minutes
  11. Go into Kosh bootstrap and redo the bootstrap

After following these instructions your Droid X will now be running 2.3.13 of Froyo and will still be rooted. If you lose root you can re-root your device using this method.

[Via MyDroidWorld]