Google has released a new OS although not formally and officially yet. We’ve only seen the APK which you can actually download to install the Fuchsia OS on your Android device. We can’t say it’s the final name but for now, we’ll treat Fuchsia as a codename. Some Google developers shared the files on Github and our friends over at SlashGear managed to check what’s inside the OS also known this early as the Armadillo.

The APK shows a quick preview of a launcher as demonstrated by the app. Fuchsia aka Armadillo. However, the latter is referred to as the 1.0 version. Possibly, this phase will be followed by an animal that begins with the letter ‘B’ after ‘A’ (Armadillo).

Inside the next-gen OS, the Material Design elements are very noticeable. There’s a center panel where you can see some basic information like date, time, device, location, and battery level. Click on the icon to bring up more options and information about the user.

You can launch Story panels by pulling up/down the screen. It appears to be a different version of a Google Assistant but is reminiscent of the Google Now On Tap with the onscreen functions. We’re assuming there are more features but it’s not the full OS yet. Feel free to explore on your own by downloading the APK first and install on your Android phone–as always, AT YOUR OWN RISK.

VIA: SlashGear