If you have an old iPhone lying around you can now dust it off and free it from its Apple prison. This ongoing project by modder David Wang is now ready for download. You’ve seen it on video a few times now you can load Android up your iPhone now.

Although you can perform most task that you’d expect from an Android phone, this port is not recommended for day to day use. Your phone will die in about an hour due to Android power management function not being fully operational yet. This port is more for show and proof of concept in its current state. I’m sure the few kinks left will be worked out soon enough.

In similar fashion to the iPhone 2G port, this works on the same dual boot setup. Your iPhone will need to be jailbroken before undertaking this project. But be warned, if you’re a novice at this stuff you may want to pass on attempting this. There are almost 30 steps in the process. Install instructions are here, enjoy.

[via pc world]