The folks from doubleTwist are teasing an upcoming app or update that will deliver an all-new and improved musical experience on our Android tablets. For the thousands that love and use doubleTwist, you all know the tablet UI is lacking and stretched out, but a new version is coming soon and looks quite beautiful.

Over on Reddit the developers of doubleTwist were talking about a few copy-cat apps, and also took the moment to show off their brand new tablet UI you see above. Looks pretty nice right? Taking everything we like about their current app, adding some polish, and supporting devices like the new Nexus 7.

The usual Android slide-out sidebar is present here, and will easily let you navigate through the entire app and all your musical preferences with ease. Instantly head back to Artists to fire up that new Bastille album (or hey, the new Grouplove album was released this week) and enjoy all your tunes on our favorite Android devices.

During the quick chat over on Reddit the developer kindly mentions Chromecast support too. Stating as soon as that is actually available for developers to dive into, they’ll be adding support to stream all your music to the Chromecast from right inside doubleTwist. For now we’re stuck with the Play Store version, but look forward to seeing the all-new app sometime shortly.