Android app doubleTwist, the popular music and podcast service, has seen an update today. It aims to give a unified experience across devices, and adds support for Android 4.4. It also adds a few new features, and could have you thinking twice about which music service you use moving forward.

Starting with the UI, doubleTwist has made a concentrated effort to support both 7-inch and 10-inch form factors, as those seem to be the de facto sizes for Android tablets moving forward. In landscape mode, a lot more is available, like menus and other useful information. Artist biographies are also shown, when available.

San Francisco based doubleTwist is also introducing Magic Radio, a $24.99/year service that offers up unlimited everything. Streaming, creating radio stations, and listening to podcasts, all free of advertisements. You get all the regular doubleTwist Pro features, and then some!

With over 13,000 songs, as well as whatever you have in your current library, doubleTwist is something to consider. It also takes full advantage of newer Android app guidelines, so you wont have to think much about how to navigate the app. It can be used cross platform, too, so it’s not locked into Android for those with multiple OSs to consider.

Of course, it’s also a really good app for playing local videos from your device, and is easily one of the best podcast apps for Android. A new interface only adds to that, and other features make it an app you should consider. It’s available for free in the Play Store, with an average rating of 4.4. The refresh should only make it that much better.