Something most Android users agree on is that the standard media app is less than impressive in comparison to what else is on the market, and that’s where doubleTwist’s new Android app comes in.  Designed to replace the regular player – as well as sync nicely with doubleTwist’s desktop app – the new software supports music and video, together with iTunes playlist imports.

There’s also audio and video podcast support, ratings and playcounts, and doubleTwist will be bringing online radio and the ability to wirelessly sync with the desktop app soon.  There are also widgets promised.

You can download the doubleTwist Android Player app from the Android Market now, where it’s currently a free download (though only for a “limited time”).  While some of the recent comments suggest the app doesn’t support Android 2.2 Froyo, doubleTwist tell us they’re in relation to a previous version.