The latest music streaming service has launched for Android users. The service is called Magic Radio and it comes by way of doubleTwist. In fact, the Magic Radio service has arrived as part of the latest doubleTwist app update. Magic Radio is included with doubleTwist v2.0 and touts itself as being perfect for those who are “tired of listening to the same old songs from your music library.”

That being said, there are a few catches we will mention right up front — Magic Radio is only available for those in the US and is not free. We have yet to see anything in terms of a global roll-out, however we can tell you the price will be $3.99 per month. Those curious will be able to get a 7-day free trial and signing up is fairly simple as the monthly billing will be taken care of using Google Wallet.

Now that we know the price and the bit about Magic Radio being easy to get, lets get into the feature to find out if it is even worth considering. Magic Radio has a music library of “over” 13 million songs which should help to bring “less repetition and more discovery.” Users will have a few options for listening and can choose stations based on music that you already own.

There is also the option to create smart stations based on your current mood, a specific genre or keywords such as “Coachella.” Music Radio is also advertising free. Those looking to take advantage of the free trial can do so directly from within the doubleTwist app on their device. After grabbing the 2.0 update from the Google Play Store and launching the app — you will be presented with a Magic Radio notice and the option to start your free trial. Just keep in mind, if you don’t cancel before the 7 day trial is over, you will be billed for that first month.

[via Magic Radio]