While music streaming is probably the most common way now for people to listen to music when mobile (or even when not), if you don’t feel like using up your data just to get some sounds, then you will probably have to settle with storing your songs locally. If you’re not satisfied with your default music player, there are a ton of apps out there that are ready for the downloading. The doubletwist Classic Player is one of those, but it’s now being revamped from the ground up, and an alpha version is now available for downloading.

A few months ago, doubletwist released the CloudPlayer app which lets you create your own music streaming player from the songs stored in your cloud storage accounts. But if you still prefer to play the locally-stored music, then their older app is an alternative. But this time, the doubletwist Classic Player is getting a much-needed makeover, as the alpha version brings a more streamlined material design UI and new features.

The app now brings lossless support for file types like ALAC, FLAC, and also 24-bit audio. You also now get more advanced sorting options and folder navigation, as well as a metadata and artwork editor for those who prefer to organize their music visually as well. It also has support for Android Wear and Android Auto and it also now allows you to scrobble through your music. The Premium version brings you some higher sound options as well as AirSync, AirPlay, and Chromecast support.

If you want to try out the alpha version, you need to sign up as a tester and let them know what you think about this revamped version. They plan to add gapless playback, crossfading, podcast support, and AirPlay video support in future updates.

SOURCE: doubletwist