If you’ve been following the gaming world for the last few weeks, no doubt you’ve heard about Double Fine Adventure, the new point-and-click project from beloved indie developers Double Fine. What’s notable about the project is that they’re skipping the publisher model all together and getting funding directly from fans, with the help of KickStarter. There was so much money donated that they blew past their $400,000 goal almost immediately, and are currently sitting on almost two million dollars for the project. That being the case, they’ve decided to expand the game to both Android and iOS platforms.

Double Fine is famous for their quirky and lively games, like Psychonauts. Members of the company’s development team include Tim Schaefer, David Dixon and Jonathan Menzies, whose notable projects include the original Monkey Island series and Grim Fandango. While traditional point and click adventure games have fallen out of fashion with modern publishers, the team’s talent and fan interest led them to begin development on the new game themselves.

They received so much funding via Kickstarter that they had to find ways to add value to justify their now massive budget. First on the docket is mobile versions: Schaefer said in a YouTube update that they’d be supporting select Android models in the final game. Voice acting will also be added, though whether or not it will make it into the final Android version is a mystery. Backers will get free access to a closed beta. As an additional treat, you can follow along with the developers as they create the new game via a constantly updated video blog. Considering the fact that other classics are already making their way to Android (including point-and-click sleazefest Leisure Suit Larry) we can’t wait to see what Double Fine comes up with.

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