DotEmu, purveyors of your old school games ported to Android, are going on their own summer sale, as everyone is wont to do these days. They’re putting up 5 games, all at slashed prices so that you can add these to your Android game collections. And take note, these may be games that you would pass on because of the pricing on any other day.


The DotEmu Retro Summer Sale is only on until the 20th of July, so you better get your plastic out and purchase these games. If you’re itching for old school arcade games and RPGs, this is the time. Go get ‘em. Here is the list of games:

I Have No Mouth, And I Must Scream: Regular price USD$3.99, Sale Price USD$1.99

Another World: 20th Anniversary Edition: Regular Price USD$3.99, Sale Price USD$1.99

Sanitarium: Regular Price USD$3.99, Sale Price USD$1.99

The Last Express: Regular Price USD$4.99, Sale Price USD$1.99

Little Big Adventure: Regular Price USD$4.99, Sale Price USD$2.99

Remember, this is a limited time sale, so don’t come back and say we didn’t tell you so. Check out the games and get purchasing.


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