Have you ever had that moment when you wanted to show your friends this brand new TV show but your Android phone’s small screen wasn’t enough to capture how awesome it is? Well the folks over at Dos Owls, a start-up focused on creating portable visual display products, think they have the solution as they are launching their first product, the ODIN, which they claim is the first mobile device “focused on social interaction.”

Basically, it is a portable projector which runs on Android so you can display on the wall or a larger screen any of your videos, whether it is from your cloud drives like Dropbox or Google Drive or from video streaming services like Netflix or Hulu. If you also want to work on documents during a meeting on a larger screen, you can use ODIN to display it on the board so you can work on that presentation or spreadsheet file together. You can also attach a keyboard and mouse to the portable projector for ease of use. And for gamers, you can even connect your Xbox and Playstation to the projector in case you have the sudden urge to play games with your friends and there’s no TV around.

More than just a mobile projector, ODIN also has Bluetooth speakers and WiFi capabilities. As for its optical display, it can project a 250” screen if you place it 10 yards away and a 25” one if it’s 5 yards away. And since it already runs on Android KitKat, there is no problem when it comes to the navigation and ease of use.


The only catch for now is that this is a crowdfunded Kickstarter project and as of this writing, they have already met $147,782 of their $250,000 goal to be able to start production. If this is something that you would like to help fund, you have 27 more days to shell out as low as $1.

SOURCE: Kickstarter