Since Facebook announced last April that they were opening up the Messenger API to app developers, we knew it was only a matter of time until games finally come on board. But while there were a lot of GIFs, video, and even talking pet apps, we had yet to see one that you could really call a game on this message platform. But now, the first “official” game has arrived, and Doodle Draw may be something familiar to those who played a similar game a few years back.

The mechanics of Doodle Draw is pretty similar to that notoriously famous game Draw Something which reached its heyday in 2012 and then was eventually bought by Zynga (and then subsequently became unpopular). But just in case you weren’t part of the doodling craze back then, the idea is to draw one of the suggestions made by the game and then send it to a friend. They would then have to guess what you drew and then it will be their turn. There is only a limited number of colors available, but if you earn enough points, you’ll get to “buy” more colors. Probably, there will be in-game purchases with real money in the future.

Now, if you remember, Facebook users started getting annoyed with the numerous game requests that flooded their timelines when some game developers started using “exploitative” game mechanics where users earned points by sending play requests, game invites, etc. So there’s that same danger here in the Messenger platform. But if done right, Facebook’s aim is to drive engagement into the platform, as it has to compete with other apps like Viber, LINE, Snapchat, Hangouts, etc.

Just like with the other Messenger apps, you need to click the “…” to be able to access the app list. Then just look for Doodle Draw and then install it, and you’ll be able to play a mobile game version of Pictionary with your friends. Just make sure you don’t end up spamming everyone you know.

VIA: Tech Crunch