dont kill my app rankings

Smartphones are supposed to be powerful. We know there are plenty of OEMs that know what to do but to be honest, even the greatest phone in the market loses its power once the battery runs lower. For some people, they completely lose their batteries. That is something you don’t want to happen ever again. Good thing there are power banks and special phones cases that juice up your device. To finally address such limit, there is the Don’t kill my app! team.

There are battery saving features and modes being introduced by platforms and OEMs but batteries still lag. This problem is evident in most smartphones that people behind Don’t kill my app describe them as dumbphones now.

It’s true in some cases. There are even apps that are supposed to help the phone save battery but there are also apps that really drain power.

What’s the point of these smartphones if their batteries just wear off easily. Adaptive Battery and Doze help but they’re not enough.

Don’t kill my app! aims to help improve battery life by providing information to the consumers. It tells us how OEMs kill apps to save their batteries. It already ranked the OEMs according to performance. No. 1 is HMD Global followed by Xiaomi, Huawei, Meizu, Sony, Samsung, HTC, and stock Android among others.

SOURCE: Dont’ kill my app!