The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 has been getting positive reviews left and right. We’ve only seen a few stress tests and we actually have no plans of doing one on our own. It’s just too heartbreaking and we already know what would be the verdict. The usual: device can withstand rough usage in “normal” conditions but not under extreme ones. Okay, that may be too general but we’ll leave such drop and scratch tests to other geeks.

The likes of Reddit is a great source of similar reviews because the online community is composed of different kinds of geeks. Most of them are great observers noticing stuff we don’t usually see. A certain Redditor known as ‘foxinyourbox’ noted that while doing an unboxing video, he noticed that the factory screen protector now has a warning for users not to insert S-Pen backwards.

That’s a good reminder–thank you very much Samsung but one might think that it’s unnecessary as if people don’t know that. Apparently, some people need to be warned and reminded. We’re guessing Samsung has received complaints about the new S-Pen not responding properly after being inserted backwards “accidentally”. That could be the case and the company now needs to include a warning to make sure that people know.

We’re not here to judge but seriously, if you’re getting a Note 5, we’re assuming you know how to properly use a premium gadget. The Galaxy Note series is targeted more for the creatives and busy professionals. If you fall in that demographic, then you don’t need such reminder. Oh well, Samsung just wants to be more careful. Okay, we get that.

VIA: Reddit