We hate to say this but there seems to be no end for Essential Phone issues. We know the Essential team has been working hard to ensure problems are fixed. It’s proudly the first to roll out fixes for Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities while the Android Oreo Beta 2 build is now available. It’s been focusing on fixes and future features including that reduced compression and portrait mode update on the Essential Camera. The premium phone is believed to be one powerful phone since it’s a project by Andy Rubin but unfortunately, it’s failing in sales and performance.

Well, there is still hope. We’re keeping our hopes up since the Essential team is really working hard to ensure queries are answered and bugs are fixed. The latest issue we heard had something to the with sideloading or flashing with USB 2.0 cable. Apparently, some users are experiencing problems. Essential reminded the phone owners the PH-1 cable is USB 2.0 in case this information has been forgotten. It is used for charging so it should work perfectly.

Essential recommended that a high-quality and spec-compliant USB 3.0 cable must be used all the time if you are flashing or sideloading PH-1. This way, you won’t experience any problem. That’s a friendly reminder but the owners are left wondering why a USB 3.0 wasn’t included then. Only a USB 2.0 cable comes free with the Essential Phone so why such reminder?

A number of Essential Phone owners seem to be annoyed with the clarification. We know we are. Let’s wait and see for Essential to explain this craziness.

SOURCE: Essential