For better or worse, sometimes convenience takes precedence. That being the case, Google Wallet users may be happy to learn about this latest Domino’s Pizza app update. Simply put — you can now order pizza and pay using your Wallet account.

Along with the new support for Wallet payments, those who use the “Buy with Google” button before June 15th will get a freebie. Details from Domino’s mention how you will get a free order of Domino’s new Specialty Chicken. The only small catch here is that you will need to buy using the Android app and your order will need to be $10 or more.


Of course, the Google Wallet payment option simply joins the existing payment methods. Users will still be able to make payments with regular credit and debit cards. Bottom line here, those using the Domino’s Pizza app on Android should now be able to complete their purchase in less time and with fewer clicks thanks to the new “Buy with Google” button.

You can grab the Domino’s Pizza app using this Google Play Store link.

SOURCE: PR Newswire



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