Dolphin is once again making an attempt to distance itself from other popular browsers in the mobile space with a new kind of mobile browser. Going beyond the typical private browsing modes offered by others, Dolphin Zero is a browser that puts users’ privacy as its topmost priority.

Internet users today are probably more privacy and security conscious than ever before. And it’s not just because of government spying but also because of rampant online tracking by companies interested in shoving personalized ads in people’s faces. While browsers like Firefox do have Do Not Track features, Dolphin Zero goes the extra mile to ensure that you don’t leave a trace, either online or on your device.

Dolphin’s approach is to make Dolphin Zero an “ephemeral” application. This basically means that once the user exits the browser, any and all data that has been produced during the browsing session is erased. This includes form data, history, passwords, location information, cached files, and cookies. This ensures that there is no data for third parties to collect and share or sell to others. Dolphin Zero is a streamlined version of the full Dolphin browser, so users are assured of still getting the same browsing experience that they have on the regular Dolphin app.


Dolphin Zero also sets its default search engine to DuckDuckGo, an alternative search engine that has recently risen in popularity because of its focus on keeping users’ search behaviors and information safe from prying and opportunistic eyes.

Download: Dolphin Zero on Google Play Store
SOURCE: Dolphin