There are a lot of browser apps out there in Google Play land, each with its own highlighted features. One of those is Dolphin Browser which highlights fast operations, browser tabs, and a flash player for Android – all of these to differentiate it from Google’s Chrome browser app. But is “private browsing” really private with Dolphin Browser?

Redditor “imtechpro” doesn’t seem to think so. He discovered that the browser seems to record the history of all videos you played in an XML file, even in the vaunted “incognito mode” which is supposedly a mode which doesn’t keep data and history. He explored the file in the app’s root directories and found out that the history data had been kept all along.

Reddit members describe Dolphin Browser as being “shady” and that they have been implicated in sending users’ browsing data to a server in China. What exactly the data was used for is moot point – you don’t want your browsing data sent to anyone without your permission.

So if you have Dolphin Browser installed, you may want to stay on the safe side and look for other browser alternatives. Chrome is standard, but at least you get the privacy you want.

SOURCE: Reddit


  1. Can someone explain how to find this alleged xml file on an Android or ioS device. File manager or ESPro dont seem to have access to browser files.


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