For all those of you interested in moving forward the awesome mobile-based web browser known as Dolphin, here’s another chance for you! Dolphin has notified developers and testers today that Dolphin Browser HD v5.0 public beta 1 is here today and that your feedback on it is highly appreciated. Everyone who has worked on the private beta thus far and for those of you lucky enough to get the chance to do so in the future. Do you use Dolphin browser on your mobile device? Help em out!

All the changes to this newest iteration of the browser are listed below. Of course there’s some items you’ll never know about like bug fixes and improvements to the background code and whatnot, but the following is what you’ll be noticing most, more than likely:

Innovative UI Changes, Speed dial style new tab, Powerful bookmarks sidebar, sub-folder support, and faster browsing experience and more stable performance. Amongst UI changes are a more “fresh” tab color, more elegant and modern settings, and a shiny glow on the context menus. Undo previously closed tabs. Most visited sites, speed dial – aka your favorites, and quicker access to all your bookmark folders.

Sub folders are now supported, tabs are working slicker, and the whole system is revamped to go quicker. An important point Dolphin makes as warning for you would-be testers is thus: “Dolphin Browser HD v5.0 private beta is very unstable.” That said, you can download the browser using [this link] or by scanning the QR code below:

Also Dolphin has a questionnaire to go along with the beta.