I’ve always found that one of the most frustrating things about constantly flashing new ROMs is that I have to set up non-Google apps like third party browsers all over again. Today that process gets a little easier in one of Android’s most popular browsers, Dolphin. Dolphin HD7 includes a bookmark sync feature, backing up your bookmarks to Dolphin’s servers, not unlike Chrome or Firefox Sync.

The addition will be a welcome one for anyone who’s ever forgotten to back up their bookmarks to an SD card (cough, cough). The syncing feature, which is labelled “Dolphin Connect,” will also back up most of the browser settings, like gestures and history, though apparently any extensions will still need to be re-downloaded. Unfortunately Dolphin doesn’t hook into your Google account, so users will have to sign up for yet another account before using the service. The new version also offers “webzine” sites, which are RSS-powered specially formatted pages.

If you’ve yet to try Dolphin Browser HD on your smartphone or tablet, you owe it to yourself to give it a try. The tabbed interface, gesture control and sliding access to bookmarks and extensions makes for a much more versatile app than the standard browser, and it tends to be a lot more stable than desktop converts like Opera or Firefox Mobile. A wide variety of themes and extensions are available on the Android Market, and like the browser itself, they’re free. The latest version hasn’t hit the Market yet, but you can download it from GetJar for some side-loading goodness. Version 7 will hit the Market on Sunday.

[via Lifehacker]