The extremely popular 3rd party browser for Android, Dolphin Browser HD, has received a quick update today in the Google Play Store bringing lots of new changes. For one, they changed the name and simply removed the “HD” tag for some reason, then they’ve improved tons of visuals and performance of the app. More details below.

With Google’s Chrome Browser now being available on Android I’m not sure how long 3rd party browsers will continue to be popular, but for now Dolphin has a huge following. Being one of the best options for Android for a long time we know why. Today’s update has improved the interface for tablets, the address bar got a visual makeover that also has better results, and they’ve improved performance across the board.

They optimized the address bar in landscape mode to work better with the keyboard on multiple devices, which should help with those small screens — or large tablets. Dolphin has improved the bookmark management and made the entire experience more visual. Then they improved and stabilized the sync options, and even added a shortcut to Dolphin Sonar.

As usual, the last update to the changelog simply reads, “Various stability and performance improvement.” So users can expect to see some sort of stability with daily web browsing, as well as performance throughout the application. Get the new and improved Dolphin Browser from the Play Store link below, then enjoy all those add-on options available.

Play Store link


  1. I don’t see what you people see in the Chrome browser, it renders pages slower than hell, even on my SGS3, it don’t keep current web pages in cache for some reason. To understand what I mean, go to Engadget. com or a website similar and scroll up and down the page, its horrible. Google needs to go back to the drawing board. Chrome sucks.

    • For me Chrome is faster than any other browser on Android (using a Transformer Prime). I still don’t like it though because managing browser settings and functionality is SO MUCH EASIER with Dolphin. Chrome can’t even see a lot of my other apps — for example, it gives me only 3 options for watching video, and none of them is my preferred video viewer (Meridian).

      So yeah, if all you do is web surf and don’t care about add-ons, history, or anything else, Chrome is fine. Otherwise, it feels a little limiting compared to Dolphin.


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