The latest update for the Dolphin Browser has recently come available in the Google Play Store. The app has jumped to version 9.2.0, but perhaps more important than a number — this update has brought several new features. Some of the goodies include improvements to sharing, remembering and integration with the desktop.

Diving in a bit further, lets begin with the sharing. This is broken down into a few options — social and wireless. The social side means you will be able to share items over Facebook or Twitter. Dolphin has dubbed this one-tap share. The other option for sharing will be done locally, over a Wi-Fi connection. This one is called Wi-Fi Broadcast and will allow you to share a webpage with another device that happens to be connected to the same wireless network.

Moving past the sharing and into the remembering. This one deals with Box and Evernote. According to the details here, Dolphin users will be able to clip web content and save it directly to an Evernote or account. Finally, this next addition should be nice for those who regularly jump between devices — including a jump from a desktop to mobile device. The feature is called Dolphin Connect and includes desktop browser extensions along with the ability to send and sync.

Dolphin Connect will allow you to sync your bookmarks as well as tabs, history and passwords and also send tabs, images, text and directions between desktop and mobile. Of course, the key here, you will need to be using Chrome, Firefox or Safari (along with the desktop browser extensions) to make that happen. All said and done, the Dolphin Browser had been an attractive option in the past and it seems to have only gotten better with this most recent update. Not to mention, Dolphin will run on devices with Android 2.0.1 or later, which is something that cannot be said about Chrome.

[via Google Play]