As previously indicated, Dolphin Browser HD is awesome. And with extended storage deals for LG, Sony and HP devices, cloud storage provider is making quite a name for itself among mobile users. Today the two meet in Box for Dolphin, an easy way to share links between your Android phone or tablet and other devices using your account.

The browser extension doesn’t actually sync files – there’s no reason to, since the regular Box Android application handles that fine. Instead, it shares web links from your phone or tablet to your Box account. The example given is this: say you see a cool new video while out and about on your phone, but want to save it for viewing later? Activate the Box extension, and the link automatically gets saved in your Box account, and you can retrieve it at your leisure on something with a more comfortable screen. If the link you send is a file, like an MP3 or PDF, it downloads directly to Box.

This isn’t the first time a system like this has been implemented – the idea is the bread and butter of services like Read It Later. But there is a major convenience factor for Dolphin users, in that you don’t have to leave the browser to keep a running tally of points of interest on the web. Naturally you’ll need to install Dolphin Browser HD to take advantage of the feature, and you can add the Box for Dolphin extension from this Android Market link.