Stadia 3.41 Dolby Surround Sound Chromecast

Google has been rolling out a number of updates for the Stadia. The gaming system will soon allow integration with Android TV. It now lets phone to be used as virtual gamepad with TV. A couple of months ago,more Samsung phones and tablets officially received Stadia support. Another round of updates is ready and it hints on future improvements especially concering the audio listening experience. According to our source, the newest update to the Stafia app hints on Dolby surround sound. It means the feature is arriving soon to the game streaming platform.

The change was sighted on an APK that was decompiled. The codes show several lines that refer to Dolby surround sound for Stadia. It doesn’t mean the feature is final and official. Google may still choose to use it or not.

The Dolby surround sound option could be added to a more premium subscription to Stadia. At the moment, Stadia Pro can take advantage of 5.1 surround sound. That’s apart from the HDR colors and maximum of 4K resolution. There is also the Stadia Base subscription that only offers up to 1080p and basic stereo sound. The Dolby option could be added to the Pro plan so more will be able to enjoy the premium sound.

The Stadia version 3.41 of the mobile app brings a number of enhancements. The Dolby sound is hidden somewhere and hopefully will be officially available with the next release. But then again there is also some mention this one would only be for Chromecast.

It could be limited to Stadia with Chromecast with Google TV. Details are really scarce at the moment so let’s wait and see for Google to make an official announcement.


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