For Android users who were jealous of the Dolby On app on their iOS counterparts, there’s some good news. The app is now available on Android, this means you have a potent tool to take your audio and video recording game to the next level. For creative beasts, it’s either a choice between recording quickly on the go or doing it with dedicated hardware and software which takes time and effort. Whether you want to record podcasts, song ideas, voice memos, viral videos or stream live; Dolby On gives you the freedom to focus on the creativity and forget about the processing of audio in the recording.

The app takes advantage of Dolby’s five decades of innovation in audio technology to process audio for the highest quality output. It removes unwanted noise, optimizes volume, compresses audio signal and renders stereo-like image all without the need of any home studio, mixer or expensive microphone. That said, the app is designed to use a phone’s microphone to full potential, but external mics can be attached if needed.

Dolby On has a very easy interface with all the options and settings that let the user take complete control while recording. Just tap the record button, the app will understand the room tone and begin recording. You can use the pre-set options like noise reduction, volume normalization, de-essing, fade in/out or enhance the audio/video recording with Dynamic EQ and special audio for best sound.

For more control over the final recording, it can be optimized for music apps like SoundCloud or social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Tik Tok. The app can be used in a number of situations where quick recording is needed for instant sharing. Also, it is a go-to tool for anyone who wants to create professional-grade audio or video recordings with just their smartphone.

You should give Dolby On app a try if buggy audio lets us down in real-world conditions. The app is available for free download on Google Play Store starting April 2. It should be compatible with almost all Android smartphones.


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