As the arrival of the next Doctor draws near, BBC wants to make sure that fans both old and new are well updated and refreshed in their knowledge. And what better way to do that than through Doctor Who: Legacy, a game that takes players through the fictional history in what developers Tiny Rebel Games and Seed Studios call an easy to learn, hard to master game.

A malevolent character is traveling back through time to change the events of history. Sounds like a perfect excuse to also go back through decades of Doctor Who fiction and relieve the best moments and meet beloved characters such as Clara, Rory, Amy, River, and more. Of course, you will also get to meet the good Doctor’s enemies as well, including the Daleks, Weeping Angels, Peg Dolls, and Spoonheads.


Doctor Who: Legacy is a labor of love by and for fans and is promised to remain free to play. The game goes back through time in reverse order so Episode 7 and 6 will be available from launch, with Episode 5 slated for early 2014. Every day of December, there will be freebies in celebration of the show’s 50th year.


Fans of Doctor Who in Australia and New Zealand are in for a treat as Doctor Who: Legacy becomes available in their market today. The rest of the world will, unfortunately, have to wait with bated breath for further news.

Download: Doctor Who: Legacy on Google Play Store
VIA: Ausdroid