Those of you in Japan rocking a Docomo Galaxy Nexus are eligible for a free special edition Google battery cover and a pocket charger. This offer is limited to the first 20,000 applicants, and a couple restrictions do apply. First off, you’re required to have a Japanese Docomo SC-04D of the Galaxy Nexus – and second, you must live in Japan. No exceptions.

From the flier, a miharu takizakura tree seems to be printed over the battery cover. No one needs these two freebies, but the fact that a carrier is giving 20K of them out for free shows how much they want to push Nexus sales. Docomo Japan likely hasn’t hit 20K sales for the Galaxy Nexus, so any of you looking to purchase one be sure to claim your free accessories incase they don’t mention them.

To take advantage of the offer, you don’t actually have to trek to a Docomo retailer. If you’re clicking this link from Japan, an application will be available online. Being based in the US, I couldn’t actually see what it entailed. This promotion stands from the 1st of February until the end of March.

[via SBS]